Estate Planning, Elder Law and Medicaid Planning Attorneys in Nassau County, Suffolk County, & Westchester County, NY


The ever changing economic climate makes it more important than ever to make sure your Estate Planning is handled by professionals. Our experienced Nassau County, Suffolk County, & Westchester County, NY Estate Planning attorneys are prepared to create an Estate Plan based on your specific and unique needs.

By consulting with our Estate Planning attorneys, you can ensure you have a plan that adequately protects your assets while ensuring continued quality care your loved ones deserve. Every situation is different and therefore requires the guidance of Estate Planning professionals who can create an Estate Plan around your unique family and financial dynamics. Let our Nassau County, Suffolk County, & Westchester County, NY Estate Planning attorneys help you choose the estate planning that is right for you.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning encompasses more than just a Will. A Will is a great way to make your wishes known about the management of your estate, but will not keep it out of Probate. Our Long Island, NY Estate Planning attorneys can customize an Estate Plan tailored to meet your financial and familial situation. Find out if Wills, Trusts, Special Needs Planning, GLBT Planning, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives are right for you.

Why Include Medicaid and Nursing Home Planning In Your Estate Plan?

It isn’t unusual for nursing home costs to be as much as $15,000 monthly making long-term care financially devastating to many New Yorkers. Few can risk being unprepared for the likelihood of needing extended medical care in the twilight years of life.

By formulating a sound Estate Plan that addresses issues like Medicaid and Nursing Home costs, we can help preserve your estate in the event the need for long term care should arise. With the inclusion of Medicaid and Nursing Home Planning into your Estate Plan, you can rest assure that your wishes will be honored should you become legally incapacitated. Some of the areas that are addressed in this form of Elder Law Estate Planning include:

  • Healthcare Proxy – outlines the precise medical decisions that you desire in the event of your incapacity.
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Property – outlines what will happen with assets held outside your Living Trust if you are incapacitated.
  • Gifting Language – special language that outlines your specific wishes.
  • Medicaid Triggers – events that can put into motion to shift assets out of the name of the person who is incapacitated.

Whatever your situation, our Long Island, NY Estate Planning lawyers can create a plan right for you. Comprehensive and legally sound Estate Planning can help make sure that you successfully designate who will manage your affairs should you become incapacitated. Part of our role in offering guidance in Estate Planning and Elder Law is to ensure that your children or spouse will be able to manage your assets during times you might be incapacitated. Our attorneys here in Nassau County, Suffolk county and Westchester County, NY can ensure you peace of mind to know these matters are handled according to your wishes even in times when you cannot speak for yourself.

The Time for Estate Planning is Now

While your health and financial situation may be sound today, it’s hard to predict what will happen in the future. An Estate Plan can offer peace of mind by eliminating the guesswork for how you want your estate managed in any situation. Contact our Long Island NY Estate Planning office, and find out what Estate Plan is right for you.

Call our office today to schedule your free 15 minute telephone consultation. During this 15 minute telephone consultation, we can address several issues including Living Probate, Medicaid planning options, Death Probate and Estate taxes. With the proper estate plan in place, you can rest easy knowing that whatever the future holds, you have formally outlined your wishes and made the proper arrangements for you and your family.